Welcome to Rosie's Natural Seasonings
We make some of the most unique and flavorful seasoning
blends on the market today. Our low salt and salt free seasonings
are made with the finest natural and organic ingredients available.

~ Our 12 delicious seasoning blends ~

ALMOND PESTO A gourmet seasoning with organic California almonds, sweet organic herbs and zesty spices. Delicious on plain pasta instead of sauce or with your favorite sauce. [SF]

SPICE IT! A mild all purpose blend with lots of tasty veggies, organic herbs & spices. Easy, one step seasoning for all your favorite dishes. A low salt blend. Excellent on pasta, eggs & potatoes. [LS]

FABULOUS FISH A one-step seasoning for all varieties of fish! Combines a delicate blend of organic flour and french herbs. You'll be amazed at how simple it is to prepare Fabulous Fish! [LS]

VIVA MEXICO The choice of many Mexican food chefs and the longest list of Mexican herbs & spices this side of the border. Excellent in any of your favorite Mexican dishes and recipes. [LS]

LOVE ITALIAN A perfect blend of Italian Herbs & Spices with just a hint of sweet Red Bell Pepper and Oh, did we say Garlic? [SF]

SEAMAZIO From the Japanese words goma (sesame) and shio(salt), Gomashio is a very popular macrobiotic condiment. To this we add seven nutritious sea vegetables to make what we call Seamazio, a delicious source of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, calcium and protein. [LS]

ORIENTAL ONE Combines the spicy taste of the Orient with Gomashio, an ancient Japanese condiment. Rich in calcium, iron, and protein, Oriental One is not only nutritious, it’s delicious! Excellent in stir-frys, rice, tofu, etc. [LS]

POP & STIR Great on popcorn & stir-frys, and also soups, veggies, pasta and potatoes. Pop & Stir is an awesome all purpose blend! A popular and versatile blend for the popcorn crowd and for all of us who love a great stir-fry! [LS]

TASTE BUZZ With over 50 ingredients! A tastefully blended all purpose seasoning combines lots of flavorful herbs, vegetables and spices, creating the most amazing Taste Buzz you’ll ever experience. [LS]

VEGGIE SALAD SPRINKLE Organic sunflower seeds, herbs, spices, seeds and vegetables. Great on salads and sautéed or steamed veggies, soups and stews. You'll love it as a dip and salad dressing mix! [LS]

PRICELESS POULTRY A must for poultry lovers! Creates a festive spirit on special occasions or anytime. All natural... of course! [LS]

GARLIC LEMON PEPPER Has what all the other lemon peppers leave out, garlic and organic herbs. Goes great with vegetarian fare, as well as organically fed poultry and meats. Try it on fish, too. [SF]

[LS] = Low Salt [SF] = Salt Free

Founded by Margie Stearns in 1988
Mt Shasta, California USA


In Loving Memory of
Marjorie "Rosie" Stearns
1948 - 1996

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